Quinoa straw can be used like this

Quinoa is a plant of the genus Chenopodiaceae, rich in vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, saponins and phytosterols with a variety of health effects. Quinoa is also high in protein, and its fat contains 83% of unsaturated fatty acids.

Quinoa straw, seeds, and leaves all have great feeding potential


Quinoa straw contains a high protein content, usually 10.14%-13.94%. It is processed into feed pellets with a straw pellet machine. When feeding sheep, the weight gain of livestock fed with quinoa straw pellets is not less than that of oats and barley. For livestock that are fed, quinoa straw pellets have great feeding value.

Quinoa straw pellets are made from quinoa straw and leaves through straw pellet machine production line equipment such as crushers, dryers, pellet machines, etc. As feed pellets, they have comprehensive nutrition, strong stability, easy digestion and absorption, and improve feed digestibility. , It kills Salmonella in animal feed and makes storage and transportation more economical.

The international market demand for quinoa is strong and the development prospect is very broad. The treatment of quinoa straw must also keep up with the development. Choosing a straw pellet machine to process quinoa straw and leaves can effectively prevent the burning of quinoa straw, increase farmers’ extra income, and find a high nutritional value for cattle and sheep. Food, kill three birds with one stone


Now it is the peak season for quinoa planting. Shandong Kingoro reminds you to make preparations before planting.

1. Plot selection:

It should be planted on plots with higher terrain, sufficient sunlight, good ventilation and better fertility. Quinoa is not suitable for repeated cropping, avoid continuous cropping, and should rotate cropping stubble reasonably. The first crop is soybean and potato, followed by corn and sorghum.

2. Fertilization and soil preparation:

In the early spring, the soil has just thawed, and when the temperature is still low and the evaporation of soil water is slow, apply foot fertilizer to achieve soil and fertilizer fusion and strong cutting to store water. Before planting, every rain falls and the raking is done in time to make the upper part weak and the lower part solid. In drought, only raking but not ploughing is carried out and compaction is carried out. Generally, 1000-2000 kilograms of decomposed farmyard manure and 20-30 kilograms of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer are applied per mu (667 square meters/mu, the same below). If the soil is relatively poor, the application amount of compound fertilizer can be appropriately increased.

3. The planting period is generally selected in April and May, and the temperature is 15-20 ℃. The sowing rate is 0.4 kg per mu. The seeding depth is 1-2 cm. Generally use columbine seeding, but millet precision seeder can also be used for seeding. The row spacing is about 50 cm, and the plant spacing is 15-25 cm.

Finally, Shandong Kingoro straw pellet machine manufacturer wishes all farmers to double their output and double their income.


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