Customers visit kingoro machinery pellet machine factory

On Monday morning, the weather was clear and sunny. The customers who inspected the biomass pellet machine came to Shandong Kingoro pellet machine factory early. Sales manager Huang led the customer to visit the pellet machine exhibition hall and the detailed theory of the pelletizing process introduction.

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In the meeting room, Manager Huang and the client made a detailed analysis and discussion on the future development prospects and development directions of the pellet machine industry. Energy saving and environmental protection, waste recycling, national policy support, etc.

In addition, accompanied by Manager Huang, customers focused on visiting our lean production workshop and the company’s various qualifications and patents, and affirmed our company’s production scale and strength, and increased a strong sense of confidence in the investment in the project.

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Shandong  Kingoro has nearly 30 years of experience in machinery manufacturing. The pellet machine production line has 43 national patents, a professional R&D team, a professional processing center, and a professional pellet machine manufacturer.

Post time: May-17-2021

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