China-made pellet machine enters Uganda


China-made pellet machine enters Uganda

Brand: Shandong Kingoro

Equipment: 3 560 pellet machine production lines

Raw materials: straw, branches, bark

The installation site in Uganda is shown below

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Uganda, a country located in eastern Africa, is one of the least developed countries in the world. It has a weak industrial foundation and is mainly based on agriculture. The pellet machine has been successfully commissioned to find a new way for the treatment of straw and wood chips and increase income for the locals.

Pellet machine is not only equipment to increase the value of raw materials such as straw, but also the backing of energy supply and environmental protection. Pellet machine is a combination of environmental protection and wealth, and it also provides green power for economic development.

Shandong Kingoro will continue to innovate pellet machine equipment and make continuous efforts to protect the green environment and create more biomass energy.

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Post time: May-19-2021

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