Kingoro Machinery Co., Ltd. Happy Meeting

On May 28th, facing the summer breeze, Kingoro Machinery opened a happy meeting on the theme of “Fantastic May, Happy Flying”. In the hot summer, Gingerui will bring you a happy “Summer”


At the beginning of the event, General Manager Sun Ningbo conducted safety education and training and announced the points ranking of Ginger from March to May.



The activity is to relax, the editor of  Kingoro Machinery will take you to a happy “summer”!
Singing Legend —Listen to the song and guess the name of the song, and strive to be a Chinese small song library.


Blind box surprise
Pass the “Flower” form of music, one by one (from the beginning), stop the music, and those who take the “Flower” will get the chance to draw a number from the blind box, and receive or complete the reward as required.
The rewards include small gifts, singing, reciting poems, turning the surprise turntable, and passing sentences.


After a thrilling blind box surprise, we quietly come to an auction. The auction items are: 1 parasol parasol, 1 set of mopping artifacts, 1 all-round high-end fan, and the winner of the highest number of prizes.


In order to enhance the welding level of workshop employees, improve quality awareness, and enrich the spare-time life of employees, at the happy meeting, Zhao Guangning, the director of the production department, announced the activity plan for the 2021 Welding Competition of Kingoro.


Shandong Kingoro’s 12th Happy Conference theme event was a complete success, we will continue to produce leading-quality pellet machine equipment

Post time: Jun-01-2021

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