What are the standards for raw materials in the production of biomass fuel pellet machines

Biomass fuel pellet machine has standard requirements for raw materials in the production process. Too fine raw materials will result in low biomass particle forming rate and more powder, and too coarse raw materials will cause large wear of the grinding tools, so the particle size of the raw materials will be affected. The quality of the formed particles also affects production efficiency and power consumption.

Generally speaking, raw materials with a small particle size are easy to compress, and materials with a large particle size are more difficult to compress. In addition, the impermeability, hygroscopicity and molding density of the raw materials are closely related to the particle size.

When the same material has different particle sizes at low pressure, the larger the particle size of the material, the slower the density change will be, but with the increase of pressure, this difference becomes less obvious when the pressure reaches a certain value.

Particles with a small particle size have a large specific surface area, and wood chips particles are likely to absorb moisture and regain moisture. On the contrary, as the particle size becomes smaller, the inter-particle voids are easy to fill, and the compressibility becomes larger, which makes the residual internal biomass particles. The stress becomes smaller, thereby weakening the hydrophilicity of the molded block and improving the water permeability.


What are the raw material standards for the production of biomass fuel pellet machines?

Of course, there must be a small limit as well. If the particle size of the wood chips is too small, the mutual inlay matching ability between the wood chips will decrease, resulting in poor molding or a decrease in the resistance to shattering. Therefore, it is better not to be smaller than 1mm.

If the size of the sawdust is larger than 5MM, the friction between the pressing roller and the abrasive tool will increase, the squeezing friction of the biomass fuel pellet machine will increase, and unnecessary energy consumption will be wasted.

Therefore, the production of biomass fuel pellets generally requires the particle size of the raw materials to be controlled between 1-5 mm.

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