Kingoro manufactures a simple and durable biomass fuel pellet machine

The structure of the biomass fuel pellet machine is simple and durable.

The waste of crops in agricultural countries is visible. When the harvest season comes, the straw that can be seen everywhere fills the entire field and is then burned by the farmers. However, the consequence of this is that it causes serious air pollution and is for people’s travel. It brings a lot of inconvenience, and even seriously affects traffic.

In many developed countries, straw is well used. The biomass fuel pellet machine is pressed into straw pellets for heating. This method can not only use straw, but also reduce air pollution and recycling of straw. The cost is very low, the investment is small, and the use is high.

Kingoro has also been committed to the recycling and redevelopment of straw in recent years, hoping to solve the energy shortage problem we face.


How much is the biomass fuel pellet machine? Biomass fuel pellet machines are reasonably priced, have superior quality and are widely used. The biomass fuel pellet machine presses straw into cylindrical pellets for use in power generation by companies and enterprises, instead of loose coal as fuel for heating.

Biomass fuel pellet machine is specially produced for renewable energy and for serious straw pollution. It covers a small area, is convenient to use, and has high practical application value.

Biomass fuel pellet machines have received people’s attention from the moment they are on the market. Biomass fuel pellet machines have excellent materials and sophisticated technology. Pellet machines are constantly being reformed and updated to improve technology, convenience and trouble, save energy, and more importantly, fuel pellets are environmentally friendly. Energy saving is a kind of clean energy, which truly achieves the secondary use of waste. We no longer have to worry about the burning of straw, and we no longer have to worry about the smoke that is caused by the burning of straw and cannot travel.

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Post time: Aug-20-2021

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