Introduction of Kingoro’s 1-2 tons/hour biomass fuel pellet machine

There are 3 models of biomass fuel pellet machines with an hourly output of 1-2 tons, with powers of 90kw, 110kw and 132kw. The pellet machine is mainly used for the production of fuel pellets such as straw, sawdust and wood chips. Using pressure roller sealing technology, continuous production can be realized.

How about the quality of the biomass pellet machine? In order to ensure the welding quality of the pellet machine, all steel plates are cut by laser to ensure subsequent high-strength welding. Secondly, shielded welding is used to prevent welding slag from being mixed into the weld. All the installation processes are precisely coordinated, the production noise is low, and the operation is more stable. The subsequent paint spraying adopts sandblasting process to make the paint more evenly adhere to the surface of the pellet machine equipment, which can keep the paint from falling off for a long time and prevent the pellet machine from rusting.


The biomass fuel pellet machine is equipped with an automatic lubricating oil pump, which solves the problem that the gear of the reducer is not lubricated in time, extends the service life of the reducer, and reduces labor problems accordingly.

The bottom of the pellet machine adopts an integrated large reducer to reduce machine failures, improve production performance and reduce power consumption.

Post time: Aug-27-2021

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