“Fascinating mien, Charming Woman” Shandong Kingoro wishes all female friends a Happy Women’s Day

On the occasion of the annual  Women’s Day, Shandong Kingoro upholds the fine tradition of “caring for and respecting female employees”, and specially convenes the  Festival of “Fascinating mien, Charming Woman”.

Secretary Shan Yanyan and Director Gong Wenhui of the Party and Mass Service Center of the Industrial Park of Shuangshan Sub-district Office in Zhangqiu District were invited to attend this event.


In every ordinary post, there are a group of excellent women with self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, noble morality, dedication, openness and innovation. They use the power of example to inspire and lead us forward.


Mr. Jing Fengquan, Secretary of the Party branch of jubangyuan group, and Ms. Liu Qinghua, chief financial officer of jubangyuan group, presented ribbons, certificates and festival gifts to all the “woman flag bearers” of the group.



Post time: Mar-09-2021

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