Ways to make the sawdust pellet machine play a role

The way to make the sawdust pellet machine play its value. Sawdust pellet machine is mainly suitable for granulating coarse fibers, such as wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cotton seed skins, weeds and other crop stalks, household garbage, waste plastics and factory waste, with low adhesion and difficult to shape and be granulated.

For sawdust pellet machine, the pelletizing system is an important section in the entire processing process, and the pelletizer is the key equipment in the pelletizing system. Whether its operation is normal and whether it is properly operated will directly affect the final product quality.

Based on years of on-site management experience and theoretical knowledge, Shandong Kingoro has summarized and discussed how to correctly operate the pelletizer from various aspects for reference by the peers.

A qualified granulator must first master the operation of the entire granulation system. Summarized as follows:


(1) The particle size of the powder to be granulated should have a certain ratio: the general material is 4-12mm in diameter through the sieve.

(2) The purpose of tempering or adding water: a. Improve production efficiency; b. Extend the service life of ring molds; C. Reduce energy costs;

(3) After quenching and tempering, the moisture content should be controlled within 15% to 18%.

In short, the quality of product pellets and the level of output are closely related to the personal qualities of the pelleting personnel.

They must produce qualified granular materials according to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, changes in powder moisture content, particle size, formulation adjustments, equipment wear, and customer special requirements.

To produce high-quality pellets with wood pellet mills, the pelleting personnel must have comprehensive knowledge, rich experience, strong sense of responsibility, and overcome various difficulties in order to produce high-quality products.


Post time: Mar-17-2021

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