Congratulations to the successful convening of the 8th Member Congress of Shandong Institute of Particulates

On March 14, the 8th Member Representative Conference of Shandong Institute of Particulates and the Awarding Conference of Science and Technology Award of Shandong Institute of Particulates was held in the auditorium of Shandong Jubangyuan High-end Equipment Technology Group Co., Ltd. Researcher Wu Jie of the Academic Department of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Chairman Wang Zhi, Vice Chairman Liu Zongming, Vice Chairman Zhu Jiabin, Vice Chairman Wang Jinhua, Secretary General Duan Guangbin, Shandong Institute of Particles, from powder processing enterprises and institutions in the province and colleges and universities 46 member representatives, Jing Fengguo, chairman of Shandong Jubangyuan High-end Equipment Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Sun Ningbo, general manager, attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by Liu Zongming, Vice Chairman.


Sun Ningbo, general manager of Shandong Jubangyuan Group, delivered a speech. As the organizer, President Sun welcomed the guests on behalf of the group and gave a brief report on the development of the group’s enterprise. Shandong Jubangyuan currently owns 5 companies, which are based on the R&D and manufacturing of Roots blowers, biomass pellet machine production lines, and fiber laser cutting machines, and develop IoT applications such as smart water meters, smart heat meters, and smart gas meters. Direction, a diversified group company that implements and promotes lean management. Since joining the association in 2018, the group has made great progress in the fields of product development and technological innovation. It will continue to earnestly fulfill its membership obligations, actively participate in association activities, and sincerely carry out member cooperation, so as to contribute its best to the development of Shandong pellets.


Wu Jie, an investigator from the Academic Department of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, delivered a speech. He affirmed the achievements of the Shandong Institute of Particles under the leadership of the 7th Council and the positive contributions made to the promotion of scientific and technological progress and technological innovation in the material field of our province, and put forward three opinions on the next development of the society: first, persistence The overall leadership of the party maintains the correct political direction; the second is to adhere to the “four orientations” to fully serve technological innovation; the third is to adhere to governance innovation and promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities of the learned society.

f030d650-86e4-11eb-82cc-e7cf58afee82Professor Wang Zhi, the seventh chairman of the board, made a work report. He completed the delivery of the competent department, carried out scientific and technological activities, participated in academic exchanges, improved the organizational structure and service functions, expanded technical consulting and services, assisted in the construction of industry journals, financial status, problems in the society, and suggestions for next steps. Reported. Duan Guangbin, secretary-general of the 7th Council, gave a financial report and an explanation of the amendments to the articles of association of Shandong Institute of Particles. The Congress reviewed and approved the work report of the 7th Council, the financial report, and the amendments to the articles of association of Shandong Institute of Particles.


Subsequently, the representative assembly conducted the election of the eighth board of directors, supervisors, chairman, vice chairman, and secretary general. After deliberation and voting by the delegates, 41 members of the eighth council and 3 supervisors were elected; Wang Zhi was elected as the chairman of the eighth council, and four comrades Liu Zongming, Zhu Jiabin, Wang Jinhua, and Cao Bingqiang were elected as the vice council members. Long, Duan Guangbin was elected as the Secretary-General of the Council.


After the meeting, under the leadership of Jing Fengquan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shandong Jubangyuan Group, the participants visited the company’s party history hall and processing workshop, and were deeply impressed by the company’s progress in high-end manufacturing and modern management.


Post time: Mar-18-2021

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