Happy work and healthy life to all employees of Shandong Kingoro

Ensuring the physical and mental health of employees and creating a happy working platform is an important work content of the group’s party branch, the group’s Communist Youth League, and the Kingoro Trade Union.

In 2021, the work of the Party and Workers Group will focus on the theme of “Caring for Employees’ Health” and take joint actions to implement the activities of caring for employees’ health.


On March 24, Shandong Kingoro held the 2021 trade union quarterly meeting. The chairman, director and trade union representatives attended the meeting.

The meeting shared and reported on the development of the union in the first quarter, the work arrangement before the start of the health house, the progress of the physical examination of the women workers on March 8th, and the next key work of the union.


After the meeting, everyone experienced smart blood pressure monitors, magic mirrors and other equipment. While lamenting the intelligent products, they also experienced the company’s care for employees.


On March 30th, the company invited 3 people including Vice President Wang of Shandong Public Entrepreneurship Innovation Research Institute to conduct “Healthy Hut Special Training”, which included “Healthy Hut Use Specifications, TCM Health Theory Knowledge, and Intelligent Self-service Moxibustion Apparatus” “The use of the method and the practical operation of the field equipment”, everyone listened carefully and learned carefully.


Love is like sunshine, warming people’s hearts, healthy on the road, warming the body, warming the heart, and protecting the health of employees. This is the “people-oriented” direction of Kingoro pallet machinery. The company’s leadership, group party branches, labor unions, and the Communist Youth League will continue to put employee health in the first place. , To fulfill the promise of happy work for employees.


Post time: Apr-01-2021

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