Straw pellet machine helps Harbin Ice City win the “Blue Sky Defense War”

In front of a biomass power generation company in Fangzheng County, Harbin, vehicles lined up to transport straw into the plant.


In the past two years, Fangzheng County, relying on its resource advantages, introduced a large-scale project of “Straw Pelletizer Biomass Pellets Power Generation” to settle down.

In 2021, the green energy project will be fully fired, and further to the expected goal, to help Harbin Ice City win the “Blue Sky Defense War”.

“Broker” through the circular agricultural industry chain

“The’straw brokers’ on the black soil must make the straw cows become’treasures.’” Li Renying, a villager in Changlong Village, Baoxing Township, Fangzheng County, has a new profession-a straw recycling broker.

This year, Li Renying purchased a straw baler and formed a transport fleet. Under his organization, 12,000 tons of straw produced from nearly 30,000 acres of rice fields in Baoxing Township has been successfully packed and left the field.

The villagers did not need to reach out their hands and effortlessly, and the straw left the field to prepare for spring ploughing. The smoke from the burning of straw was no longer seen in the countryside, and the environment was getting better and better. Being a “broker” for straw also brought nearly 200,000 yuan in income to Li Renying.


Prospering agriculture with science and technology gives straw more possibilities. In 2019, relying on advanced biomass energy conversion technology, the “Biomass Power Generation” project, one of the 100 largest projects in the province, settled in Fangzheng, and the construction of a thermal power plant that uses straw as fuel for power generation and heat was started.

“Straw can be used as coal and is more environmentally friendly.” On December 1, 2020, the project was officially connected to the grid for power generation. Li Renying signed a straw supply contract with the company in advance and officially became a “straw broker.”

“For plots that are not suitable for agricultural machinery operations, the straw cannot be broken and returned to the field. We are responsible for baling and leaving the field, transporting it to the thermal power plant for acceptance and weighing, and then using it for power generation and heat generation.” Li Renying told us that although it is tired, the straw is comprehensive. Utilization is a sunrise industry and it makes sense. “Seeing that the sky is bluer and the water is clearer in my hometown, we people are happy.” Li Renying also gained a sense of pride as a “stalk broker”.


“Since grid-connected power generation, the company has purchased more than 100,000 tons of biomass raw materials such as corn, rice straw, rice husk, etc., to generate 7.7 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.” Fangzheng County Biomass Power Generation Company’s production director introduced.

Fangzheng County’s government work report this year also pointed out that it is necessary to promote new breakthroughs in the construction of the ecological environment, steadily promote the “ecological county”, gradually form a green production and lifestyle, and greatly increase the utilization of resources and energy.

The green energy of the straw pellet machine helped Harbin Ice City win the “Blue Sky Defense War”.



Post time: Apr-09-2021

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