Tungsten rings with real gold plating: These rings say - "Dang that looks and feels WAY more expensive that it is."

Know Your Ring: Gold Plating

What's The History?

We've said it before, and we will say it again: Gold has held a position of high importance in the annals of Ringdom since around five minutes after the first nugget was discovered, after ancient man realized the shiny rock was not exactly that delicious, nor was it all that great at making weapons to hunt that which IS delicious. See, while Gold is great at not oxidizing like a lot of metals do, it's incredible softness limits exactly how many uses it has. Sure, the more technologically informed among us can list a whole slew of applications in the computer world... But we aren't here for all of that.

What we ARE here for is to learn where Gold Plating came from, and what it means for our Manly Wedding Bands. For the first part, we have to go back to Italian chemist Luigi Valentino Brugnatelli in 1805. We find the story of the creation of electrochemistry... And seriously... This mess kinda gets a bit technical... So here's the link. Read it if you want.

The point is this: Mankind needed to find a way to get the chemical properties of Gold (and in the case of rings, the “Blingtasticness”) without having to use just straight gold. Like we mentioned: Gold is pretty soft stuff. And like we hadn't mentioned yet: Gold is expensive stuff. With the advent of Gold Plating, Man got the best of both worlds: All of Gold's greatness, with none of the crap (or at least, not nearly as much.)

What's It Like?

Here at Manly Bands, we like to keep as much of our Gold Plating as we can to Tungsten Bands, making for some rather stunning Gold Plated Wedding Bands. If we were plating Silver, you might find that the Silver underneath eventually finds its way to show through, causing your Gold Plating to fade. We know that isn't cool, or very Manly, so our craftsmen have poured a lot of time into making sure your ring stays as awesome as its first day on your hand.

That means you will have a Tungsten Band, with all it's superior scratch resistance, but all of Gold's bling and style. Sure, you'll still need to be a bit mindful to keep from chipping the Gold Plating, and as always, Tungsten can shatter if you beat it like it owes you money... But if you're the type of Manly Man who wants a ring with all of Gold's style... You're the type of man who's going to take care of it.

But the very best part? That's next!

Why's That Cool?

You get all of Gold's Flash and Flair... Its anti-corrosion characteristics... A more scratch resistant ring... At a fraction of the cost! And when we say “A Fraction,” we aren't kidding. Going from a Solid Gold Wedding Band to a similar Gold Plated Wedding Band can lower the cost as much as 75% to 90%! That's a lotta cheddar there Homer, and it is exactly the type of difference you can't ignore.

Look, we're not saying the cheaper route is always going to be the better route. To be honest, we'd be pretty foolish business folk to even suggest it. What we WILL suggest is that you examine your Wedding Band Budget thoroughly, and take some comfort in knowing Gold Plating is here to get you the ring you want, no, DESERVE, even if your wallet doesn't want to cooperate. So check out our awesome collection of Gold Plated Wedding Bands, and find the ring that fits you, and your wallet, best (and don’t forget to order our Manly Ring Sizer to make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly.)

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