The real deal, these bones look great and ain't afraid to make you feel strong and empowered everyday. Dinosaur bone inlays are available in red, tan, and black, with their color determined by the sediment they're found in.

Know Your Ring: Dino Bone

In every man’s life, there is that moment when… Um… You know what? Screw the usual fancy-shmancy intro, with its flashy words and poetic language. You only need to read two words to know this one is going to be special, Bro: Dino. Bone.

Yeah, we know. We squealed a bit too when we got our hands on this kick-ass material to use in even more kick-ass rings. And why wouldn’t we? Dinosaurs represent so much of what it means to be a Manly Man: Childlike wonder, respect for the past, animalistic power, and gigantic scaly tails… What? You… You don’t have a tail too? I mean, right. Yes. We don’t have enormous tails either. Glad we are all in agreement. Let’s move on.

Anyways, for everything any of our other awesome materials can bring to the table, even our amazing wood and antler rings, or that sweeeeet Meteorite, Dino Bone rings just have something that can’t be matched. It’s the poster child for natural, older than almost anything we offer, and Dude… It’s made of freaking DINOSAUR! Imagine telling your 7 year-old self you could one day own a real Dino ring. You know how excited he would be? You see how excited Today-You is? So, let’s do this! It’s Time To “Know Your Ring!”

What's The History Of Dino Bone?

History? Oh yeah Homer, these rings have history. 150,000,000 flippin’ years of it. Our Dino Bone Rings use fossils from Dinosaurs that roamed the Earth during the Jurassic Age, and more specifically, roamed the Four Corners region of the United States. That’s right Bro… Even our Dinos are American Made (even before America itself was made… Figure that one out.)

Now, we must turn the keyboard over to the “Science Stuff” department to lay out a few details:

“Agatized dinosaur bone is a unique fossil where the original fossilized bone, typically permineralized with calcite, has been re-mineralized, or replaced, with silica-type compounds. This requires a particular type of environment, referred to as an aqueous intrusion, to replace the calcite in the original fossils with silicates. For an aqueous intrusion to occur, local strata layers must be uplifted during tertiary intrusions so that silica-rich, superheated groundwater can flood these layers and force water and aqueous solutions into the microporous fossilized bone. It is this rare process that transpired on the Colorado Plateau 35 million years ago that created the beautifully patterned agatized dinosaur bone we use.”

… You still awake? Good. Long story short, it took a metric ass-ton of time, under very specific circumstances, in a very specific environment, for these fossils to become the awesome material we now have. That’s, like, Super-Dino Bones dude!

What Is Dino Bone Like?

So, we can’t exactly put huge hunks of Dino Bone on top of a ring and call it good. Well, we could, but it works a lot better when the small pieces of fossil we use are ground into very small fragments, and then coated with a water-resistant medical-grade resin. And yes, it is completely legal to own and use fossils for jewelry making. The pieces we use are too small and broken for use in a museum anyways.

The cool thing about this process is that, while they are fossilized bones, they look a lot like standard rocks at first glance. But once they have been ground and placed into the grooves of their respective rings, these bones create a pattern that is totally unique to that ring. So, not only is your future Dino Bone ring made of freaking Dinosaur, it will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece. It’s kinda like those specific Dinosaurs lived their lives, and died exactly where they did, just to become part of your unique ring… Or at least, that’s what our resident word-monkey likes to think.

Why Is Dino Bone Cool?

Did we just ask that question? Seriously? How could anything Dinosaur-related NOT be the coolest thing ever?

Putting the Dino-Awesomeness factor aside, and the fact that your Dino Bone ring will be utterly unique, Dino Bone still has a lot to offer. The grinding and setting process still creates a very stylish pattern, which would be hard to replicate with most other materials. Yeah, using bone can make for a brittle and damage-prone product, but that same grinding/setting/sealing process solves most of the issues. As long as you treat your ring with respect, and keep it away from your more extreme activities, it will last you a lifetime.

And let’s not forget just how versatile the process makes Dino Bone. You can have inlays of all widths and sizes, either centered or off-set. So, if you somehow can’t find one of our pre-designed Dino Bone rings that fits you just right, the sky is the limit on designing your own custom ring!*

(*OK, yeah, there are some limits bro. We can’t recreate a Velociraptor Skull for you. Modern ring crafting science can only do so much. So, call on our Custom Ring Team to see just how close to the ring of your dreams we can get.)

So that is it. If we haven’t riled up your inner-child enough to check out our line of Dino Bone Rings, go put on your footie-pajamas, grab a juice box, and put on Jurassic Park… Then come back and read this again. We’ll see you next time for another edition of “Know Your Ring.”

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