These ethically sourced treasures are traditional looking with a flair. We don’t do boring, so watch out diamonds. You’re getting a makeover…Our white and black diamonds are certified to be "conflict free" to ensure not only beauty, but goodwill.

Know Your Ring: Diamonds

What's The History?

Like moths to a flame, Mankind flocks towards bling. Precious Metals like Gold and Silver, Gemstones like Ruby and Emerald... It doesn't matter. If it is shiny, it is valuable. If it is valuable, we want it.

And why not? We work hard to earn our way, so when we have the extra cash to snag something special, don't we deserve it? The upper class/royalty of days past (and even today for that matter) have never shied away from adorning themselves in lavish riches, so shouldn't we follow suit when we get the chance?

And is there any more important an occasion to bust out the bling than your wedding? From Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the imperial court of Vienna in 1477 commissioning the first Diamond Engagement Ring, to all the long history actual Wedding Bands themselves have seen, one point remains: We love to go “HAM” when it comes to commemorating our eternal love to our spouse... And that “De Beers” Ad that began in the late 1930's solidified the Diamond as the go-to gem for Engagement and Wedding Bands alike... After all, they are “Forever.”

As time moves forward, perceptions and traditions change, and where the standard “Plain Gold Men's Wedding Band” once seemed the only option, Manly Men of today have a whole boatload of options to adorn their Manly Wedding Band... Including those snazzy Diamonds.

What's It Like?

This one is all about style, bling, and personal desire. Manly Bands offers a plethora of Responsibly Sourced Black Diamonds and White Diamonds, in a multitude of rings. All Black, all White, a unique mix. Whether you want a couple, or a whole squad, we have the band that just screams “YOU!” And if we don't, ask us about Custom Orders. You want Diamonds? We will give you Diamonds.

A Manly Diamond Wedding Ring will always stand out in a crowd, will draw the eyes of passers-by, and the envy of your enemies... We mean, if you have any... Not that we assume you'll have enemies. You're a pretty awesome Dude, who wouldn't like you? But anyways, like we were saying: Diamonds get attention, and speak volumes about their owner/wearer. If that's your style, you can't go wrong with a Diamond Wedding Band

Of course, one point to make would be: These rings are not cheap. We wish they were, because awesome bling like this should be available to men of all financial status... But for Today, we work with what we have.

Why's That Cool?

Do We even need to discuss why Diamond Wedding Bands are awesome? Have you looked at The Stark? Look at all those sexy Black Diamonds! Are you not intrigued?!?! … OK, that might be a bit much... We apologize Dude. It's just, we live in an age where it is OK to be a Manly Man who wears a big, bad-ass Diamond Wedding Band, without fear of judgment or mockery. Where once there was a luxury only the ladies were typically allowed to enjoy, there is now blingy awesomeness for all. And we love equality around here.

Any who, that is probably enough talk about Diamond Wedding Bands. This is one of those times we need to let the products speak for themselves, and help you find your way into a ring that truly represents you, So please, take a look at our collection of Diamond Wedding Rings, and find the ring that truly fits you (and don’t forget to order our Manly Ring Sizer to make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly.)

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