Love in matching pairs - these bands are great on their own but they’re even better together. Check these out if your match would like to match.

What's the History?

For once, we aren't going to go digging into the history of some snazzy metal or crafting style. For this collection, let's talk about what really matters most when picking out a wedding band: You and your Spouse-to-Be.

The truth is, that is what everything is about when it comes to your wedding. What you two like. What you two want. What represents each of you as individuals, but also as a couple. You two are joining together to become one bad-ass duo of awesomeness that nothing on this earth can tear apart.

Maybe for you, that means rings that match, or at least, complement one another. There is nothing manlier than saying “Yeah, we're together, and we aren't too sissy to show it!”


Our Range of Couple's Rings

What is matching, you ask? Simply matching metal colors (i.e. both rose gold) or style (i.e. brushed) or getting the same ring in different widths. 

Many of our rings, and especially the ones on this page, come in both 6 mm and 8 mm widths, so if you both find one you love, you can get a matching pair with ease!

Or, you could try a complementing set, like The Gentleman or The Instigator paired with the band we always recommend first for the Womanly Woman in your life, The Poet. Of course, you could switch who gets which ring and still look just as freaking awesome. We don't judge around here. Being judgmental is not manly.

Honestly, the choice is yours, even if the pair you want isn't on this page. But we recommend starting here with these options, as they are some of the best pairings we have to offer. If nothing else, it will get you thinking about what you like the most.

Don't forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. It'll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us.


How To Care For Your Couple's Collection Ring

If you wash you, your ring will be fine. You hit the can, you wash your hands, that is enough for your ring. You get up in the morning, you hit the shower (or, maybe you are one of them that showers before bed... We don't judge around here...), your ring gets clean enough. Grab a toothbrush if anything gets into a crevice. It will be fine.

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