The wise man's white gold, Cobalt Chrome has the same feel and look as white gold at about a third of the price. These say "Man, I just totally worked smarter, not harder!"

What's the History of Cobalt Chrome?

As far as wedding band material history goes, Cobalt Chrome doesn't have much to put on its resume. It's a mixture of cobalt and chromium, two things most manly men will recognize as words, some will recognize as elements on the periodic table, and most of us will know little else about.

It wasn't until recently that Cobalt Chrome gained popularity in the ring world, but once it did, it has gone truly freaking crazy. Before that, Cobalt Chrome was used primarily for jet engine turbines and medical applications, such as orthopedic appliances and cardiovascular stents. Yes bro, this stuff is awesome enough to be used to replace your many knees/hips/heart valves after you trash them on the football field/basketball court/BBQ buffet.

See, Cobalt Chrome is tough as nails, can take high temperatures and is still hypoallergenic, unlike a lot of other alloys. That means it not only makes a bad-ass ring visually, it makes a ring that can take a beating in ways gold and silver only dream about. Honestly, this stuff gives titanium a run for its money, and we all know how much we've stroked titanium's shiny ego on this blog.

What Is Cobalt Chrome Like?

Cobalt Chrome has a shiny, white color, reminiscent of plated platinum. It's regal, it's fancy, and it can do everything gold and silver can, maybe even not better. Case in point: Despite its superior toughness and scratch resistance, Cobalt Chrome is still equal in weight to those aforementioned "precious metals." That matters for a man whose tastes require something high class, but whose occupation is more blue collar.

And Cobalt Chrome's awesomeness doesn't end with how friggin' mighty it is. Oh no, dear bro, Cobalt Chrome is no one-trick pony. Cobalt Chrome loves to team up with almost every possible additive and inlay in the books. Meteorite, hardwood, camo, carbon fiber, even diamonds all play extra nice with Cobalt Chrome, and its strength and malleability make for a nearly endless array of ring options.

You can even engrave Cobalt Chrome, which is something many other wedding band materials can't handle. There is, however, a slight downside to this: Cobalt Chrome is certainly scratch-resistant, but it isn't bulletproof. You likely won't be able to crack or bend a Cobalt Chrome ring, but in time, it will probably show scuffs from normal wear and tear. What? Nobody is perfect, bro. #NoJudgement.

Why Is Cobalt Chrome Cool?

Cobalt Chrome is straight up meant to be on your finger, bro. A Manly Wedding Band has to straddle that line between looking sweet and being strong enough to keep up with your heroic antics, and Cobalt Chrome does both well. It trumps wood wedding bands when it comes to freedom around water, beats out tungsten when it comes to avoiding cracking and is as versatile as gold when it comes to what you can do with it.

Sure, it comes in at a higher price tag than tungsten or titanium. But you get all the value you could want for the money, and you will likely still walk away paying less than old 14K gold would hit you for.

Maybe we just hit you with a few rings, and let you decide? You like that idea, bro? How about the Branson? Nothing showcases Cobalt Chrome's fancy side like the shine of this satin finish. It's simple but looks so damned regal. Even the finest-crafted titanium wedding band would have a tough time bringing that much swagger to the party.

Or maybe you need something more, something flashier. You need something like the Bezos, the perfect combo of Cobalt Chrome and Leopard Wood. The price is a step up from some of our other options, but with this kind of Cobalt Chrome wedding band bling, it is totally worth it.

To be honest, you will find a lot of sexy-yet-still-manly options in our new Founder's Line of Manly Wedding Bands. Cobalt Chrome is just one of the fancy, new-age materials we are incorporating into our Manly Wedding Bands, and we're excited to bring them to you for your manly browsing. This is what we live for: Providing bad-ass rings to bad-ass men in the most kick-ass way possible. So go get a manly ring sizer and get ready to find the awesome ring your finger so desperately needs. We'll be waiting

How To Care For Your Cobalt Chrome Ring

Use mild soap and water to clean and a soft cloth to dry/polish. These guys are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. A professional buffing at a local jeweler will shine them back up. And then, of course, you can say you’re buff…or you have been buffed.

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