A more durable alternative to black plated tungsten, these nearly black (charcoal gray) rings are lightweight and more durable than tungsten.

What's the History of Black Zirconium?

Zirconium itself isn't a completely new element. In fact, Zircon, the mineral where Zirconium is found, was mentioned in the friggin' Bible, which makes Zircon approximately a few weeks younger than dirt itself. The element Zirconium was first discovered in 1789, and first obtained in an impure form in 1824. A full century later, Zirconium was finally made into a metallic form Man could use. But it wasn't until 1945, when William Justin Kroll developed his process for refining the element, that Zirconium really became a meaningful metal for industrial use. Yes, you're right, bro. That is the same dude who tamed mighty Titanium. How's that for badass company?

Today, Black Zirconium is content being used for some rather mundane purposes, like nuclear reactors, submarines and incendiary munitions… You know, boring stuff. Stuff no manly man has any interest in. None whatsoever. #ExplosionsAreTheBomb

What Is Black Zirconium Like?

In its natural state, Zirconium is a simple silver-gray color. But that doesn't last long, since a highly specialized and super-secret heating process quickly gives it a thin layer of hard black oxide. And no, that isn't some temporary "goth phase" Zirconium goes through: That layer is permanent, yo! The final product is a very dark gray, like charcoal gray.

Black Zirconium is relatively strong, and it offers some decent scratch resistance. It isn't as immortal as, say, Tungsten Wedding Bands, but it offers still-significant strength for a fraction of the weight. It may show scratches over time but that just adds to the look as it ages. And the best part, Black Zirconium is extremely crack resistant. Take that, Tungsten Carbide!

Aside from that, Black Zirconium is just so damned sexy. You can go for the straight black, or you can switch it up with a sleek two-tone style, showcasing both black oxide and non-black-oxidized layers. This combo makes for some rather great style options, and we all know options matter, bro.

Even more than that, Black Zirconium works wonderfully with inlays, diamonds and other stones, and laser etching. Black Zirconium Wedding Bands can be made in a wide array of shapes and designs, so the only limitation is your manly imagination. But, before you get all crazy-creative, why not check out our collection of Black Zirconium Wedding Bands?

Why Is Black Zirconium Cool?

One of the best parts of Black Zirconium is one we've mentioned before, albeit gingerly: Zirconium is extremely hypoallergenic. Being almost entirely pure, with only a few other trace elements, means your Black Zirconium Wedding Band won't cause a reaction with your manly finger. In fact, Black Zirconium won't react with much at all. It's a non-reactive material, which is probably why it works so well in those boring applications we listed above. You know, the incendiary munitions and such.

Aside from certain Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band options, nothing even holds a candle to Black Zirconium's sleek tones and look. It's a bold, brave choice for a wedding band, without being too fragile. Sure, you do need to take a precaution or two, including possibly removing your ring before anything extremely harsh happens to your hands. But a day out on the water is perfectly fine, and simple is best when it comes to washing. We know how simple you can be, bro… LIKE TO BE!! WE MEANT LIKE TO BE!!!!

And there you have it, Homer. Black Zirconium in all its amazing, manly glory. But to be honest, our new Founder's Line is full of amazing wedding band options. Black Zirconium is chief among them, with its unique look and style, but it isn't the only "newbie" on the ring front worth checking out… Of course, to truly enjoy any of our Manly Wedding Bands, you'll want to go get a manly ring sizer, and know what you need, before you go searching for what you want.

Sure, you may pay a little more for a Black Zirconium wedding ring, but if you're looking for a ring unlike any other, you could do a lot worse. And when you have the dedicated customer service commitment that we at Manly Bands strive to maintain, you know you'll be getting everything you want, with as little hassle as possible. We know making your wedding ring choice is a serious decision, so all jokes aside, we're proud to be here to help.


How to Care For Your Black Zirconium Ring

Use mild soap and water to clean and a soft cloth to dry/polish. Black Zirconium is a two-toned metal, so over time you may see some silver shine through. That is totally normal and it gets even cooler looking with age.


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